• Top Ten this week

    30 Jun 2006, 8:01 de shinobi001

    The Jesus and Mary Chain 48
    I had been wanting "Automatic" for a while since I burned the album and decided it was worth buying. My music store said they couldn't order the album. I didn't think about it again for a while, until a few days ago when I decided to try and order the album again. Then, I saw it in the USED CD bin. Snatched it up.

    The number is so high, because I've been listening to "Blues From a Gun" over and over. Trying to learn the lyrics.

    Bob Dylan 23
    The man. Listening to his early stuff currently. I LOVE "Freight Train Blues" and "Man of Constant Sorrow."

    3 Nick Drake 10
    Bought Five Leaves Left thinking I would like it since I like Pink Moon so much, but I'm a little disappointed. My media player was fucking up, so the vocal track was lower than everything else. Will give the album another listen. Maybe a third listen.

    4 Zero 7 6
    Started listening to Zero 7 because of a sudden interest in trip-hop. Love it all so far.