• Guess the lyrics 4! | finished.

    11 Nov 2006, 22:35 de __SheBrokeAway

    How I wish we could mend this
    Or learn how to throw away
    As we look for someone to blame

    You'll no longer be kissed and kind
    As you long for intuition
    As you have to say the password twice
    Have you ever?
    Have you ever been all messed up?

    Is it bad that you're good for me
    Did I love you just randomly?
    I'm caught in the flow of sound
    And you're just some melody

    But I'm still no one
    And you're my star
    What do you care?

    I know your dying
    I know it's true
    I know their's seven thousand things
    You rather be and rather do
    And I know that you fuck what you love
    And you love what you fuck

    The water's deep
    As deep as I can see
    I wanna be your body endlessly
    I never seen what it can do to me

    You make me sick
    Because I adore you so
    I love all the dirty tricks
    And twisted games you play on me

    You're so miserable in the mornings
    Will you wait up for me?
    It's sordid and I can't find my feet