• Thanksgiving 2006 is a double celebration for me!

    23 Nov 2006, 19:34 de mikeroach113

    Not only am I celebrating Thanksgiving, I'm celebrating me being a fan of the "Blue Bomber", Mega Man for 10 years. Takin' a little break from the MM cartoon marathon right now, and I'm playing some MM-related songs on iTunes. This includes songs from MM1, 2, 6 and 7, plus songs from the artists on the soundtrack to the cartoon show, and some unrelated songs from unrelated artists just for um..... I guess "Good Measure" is the right term? NOTE:The reason I only have tunes from those 4 MM titles are because those (and MMII for Game Boy) are the only MM titles I was playing at the time. I had owned MM2, II, and 6 before Thanksgiving, but I had only rented MM7, and didn't buy MM1 'til late December. I plan to play MM2, II, 6 and 7 to keep the spirit alive during this celebration. Here's the Mega Man playlist:

    Take Cover
    So Far, So Good...So What
    Got Myself Together
  • 1996...

    31 Ago 2006, 21:10 de mikeroach113

    1996... That was quite a year. Lots of things (some good, others very bad) happened. Bill Clinton was re-elected, The Onion (which I don't think I've ever read) made it's debut, Sublime's legendary posthumous self-titled album (not their best, but still good) was released, The Ramones played their last show ever during that year's Lollapalooza, 2Pac was killed, An unknown 6 year old named JonBenet Ramsey was murdered and became a big news story (that poor kid! It's so sad she had to die so young.), Duke Nukem 3D was unleashed on the world, my 10th birthday occured, and I don't remember what happened on it, Mr. Big relased their timeless masterpiece:"Hey Man", movies such as Independence Day, Twister, Jerry Maguire, The Nutty Professor, Space Jam, Jingle All The Way, and Mars Attacks! (the second and third of those movies I just mentioned I've never seen, and the first one I don't think I've seen in whole, but I have seen it), Van Halen had released their first ever "Best Of" collection…