• solipsistic NATION No. 201: Quad

    2 Ago 2010, 16:58 de solipsisticast


    Today on solipsistic NATION we’ll listen to the fractured dubstep of Misk and EshOne, Steve Nalepa and his former students of It’s Not Over Quebec and the first release from Clear Notice Recordings!

    EshOne was a guest DJ on solipsistic NATION back in February and we talked about his role on the San Diego Dubstep blog San Diego’s Brokenbeat. Since then he has released his new album Loving What Is.

    One of the artists EshOne featured in his mix in February was Misk. He mentioned that Misk was moving away from dubstep so when Misk announced his new album, Saturation, on Twitter I knew I had to have him on the show. It’s not at all what I expected, which is a delight all in itself!

    Steve Nalepa has been my most frequent guest on solipsistic NATION and that’s because Steve is always up to new and interesting projects, from his solo work to collaborative efforts with Bass Science, The FMs and much more. …
  • [xs-63] subterminal - filled with light

    3 Ago 2009, 13:34 de leonrosado


    artist: Subterminal
    album: Filled With Light

    release date: 03/08/2009
    more details

    "Filled With Light" was composed and played almost entirely with an iPhone, with some extra sounds from other objects. After "Alumina" and "Insight", released in 2009, the reawakening of Subterminal is of happiness. "Filled With Light" is a great step forward when comparing with prior releases, which leads to the expectation of a very interesting conceptual album. Coupled with the refinement of his personal electronic universe, the author added a better voice treatment. The production of the EP was made by Tiago Morgado.

    ... to keep the eyes wide open.

    Press Review by Rui Dinis, A Trompa