• 5/17/2010 // STERET Update

    18 May 2010, 2:08 de PsyclonMine

    Hey all, this is caBooSe, so if I ever refer to myself as I in this entry then you know. :D

    Anyways, we're trying to wrap the track listing up so we can start recording the vocals for our songs. I'm not going to say how many tracks there will be, but there's going to be quite a lot. x3

    So, after we wrap up the track listing and record vocals we're going to be memorizing whatever songs we need to for our first show . We still need to find a location, but that shouldn't be too hard. We're very excited for this new album and to start performing live once again. I hope everyone else is as excited as we are. If not, then you might be after you come to our returning show.

    Awhile back we were talking about how joining our mailing list would get you a leaked song from our upcoming album, well you no longer need to join our mailing list and there is two more song you can download for free at " ". …
  • New song on the way.

    18 Abr 2007, 4:52 de DoggMoo

    Okay so this is caBooSe of Steret and we are working on our new song.
    We are not releasing any other info about this song besides that it will be out by MAY of 2007 that is.
    But, in the mean time check out Never Ever Land!
    I wanna see more fans on LAST.FM.
    [(you know why?)]
    Because if we actually see that we have fans we will be inspired to make songs faster so our fans will be happy.
    But yeah, have a great night/day or whatever.