• How I Arrived Here and Where I'm Going

    28 Mar 2011, 14:59 de Electric_Turtle

    As I have recently returned to my personal project of creating wiki stubs for demoscene artists (primarily from the 90s), it has caused me to pause and reflect on the development of my personal musical taste over my life. As this is an inherently conceited subject, I will not be submitting this anywhere or promoting it much beyond my profile. (In fact, that's why I don't link the larger artists I mention, as it actually shows up on artist pages as activity and I don't want a flood of people reading this.) Those reading further will be duly forewarned, I am and always will be a pretentious asshole. While I have learned to politely control the impulse to denigrate the taste of strangers in public, that doesn't mean I've stopped thinking it.

    From childhood to adolescence I was a purist, only interested in Western Classical music. My focus was mainly on German, Austrian, English, and Russian composers (with favorites that would be quite cliche if they weren't so great, including J.S. …