• Sparks Videos!

    10 Jul 2010, 0:54 de poorshakes

    This journal entry was compiled for me so I could find the videos.

    Sparks don't have the best reputation when it comes to promo videos, they merely transfer their stage act and persona's over, although Russell appears to tone down his act while Ron exaggerates. In my opinion the best videos are When I'm With You, When Do I Get to Sing My Way and (When I Kiss You) I Hear Charlie Parker Playing. I suppose I like these three (Aside from beginning with the word 'When') because they play on the bruthas image, as bit of fluff manipulated by a sinister Svengali in When I'm With You, or a plain rivalry in the two 1990s videos

    Beat the Clock (1979)
    Music videos didn't really take off as a promotional tool until the late seventies, therefore its hard to find anything by the group that isn't a tv performance from before 1979. The Number One Song In Heaven vid isn't on you tube, it doesn't matter much since the Beat the Clock video is much better.