• classic band

    26 Feb 2008, 16:44 de crookedrainuk

    1997 was quite a good year. Mark and Lard had the breakfast show, the Tories got booted out and the rise of the Scottish football team continued unabated. Also Spacemaid released Supercool, a sparkling piece of power pop/rock that disappeared quicker than Michael Xavier Portillo.

    I first heard Spacemaid on the aforementioned Radio 1 show, when Baby Come On was single of the week. Mark and Lard made a joke out of them being from Hull, which I didnt get until I visited there years later. I suppose its like Airdrie, with a big bridge, and a million miles from the glam, trashy, lipgloss coated sound of the maid. Baby Come On was such a great single that I actually recorded it from the Radio, something I hadnt done since the heady days of Tpau. Just as well I did, because the single (or album) was nowhere to be found. After the Radio 1 thing Spacemaid seemed to disappear, never to be heard from again.

    Forward to 2003. Like the rest of the nation I was still caught up in the Macarena craze, whirling like a dervish who shopped in Gap. …