• Discovering Internet Radio

    20 Feb 2011, 13:40 de sidefxband

    Internet radio is such a breath of fresh air. I bought this Grace radio about year and half ago and could not get Grace and Comcast to like each other. It turns out that it did not like my router, so on Friday, I had a major victory. Not only was I able to upgrade my radio's firmware, but was able to hook it into my stereo system. Wow, it is amazing. Now, I have access to over 2000 stations. I am now in information overload.

    I spent most of Friday night listening to a station from Chile and then I switched over to Ireland, and now I am on a California station that has a French speaking broadcaster. Loving every minute. I guess I was motivated after my interview with Indie 104. For about 30 minutes, their Program Director, Mark Maverick, and I, chatted about music and life on the road. Indie 104 was the pioneer in internet radio - yes they were the first and now claim to have 160,000 listeners worldwide. All I can say, hats off to internet radio! I think it brings a welcome…