• Shugo Tokumaru: enter a world stripped of its pessimism through "Port Entropy"

    10 Feb 2011, 19:10 de Groovemine

    Artist: Shugo Tokumaru
    Album: Port Entropy
    Label: Polyvinyl


    That shift away from his lo-fi aesthetic was, in many respects, an expected one. But was perhaps not as expected was the wholesale shift in tone that Tokumaru has taken. Tokumaru’s work has always been accurately described as “sweet,” “innocent” and “fun”—but tracks on Port Entropy take what were already fairly safe characterizations and cement them beyond reconsideration.

    Consider “Lahaha,” by far the album’s standout track. Without a doubt one of Tokumaru’s most masterful songs, “Lahaha” is driving, catchy, and, most significantly, instantly recognizable. Unlike the vast majority of Tokumaru’s previous output, it...

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  • My Top 50 Albums of 2010

    10 Dic 2010, 20:37 de Acquiescence

    It’s easy to trumpet each passing year as the best yet in these introductions, but in my own honest opinion; 2010 – as undeniably great as it was for music – hasn’t toppled the one that preceded it. This year didn’t deliver that one perfectly assembled 10/10 record the way that 2009 blessed me with We Are Shadows. It’s also responsible for some of the most crushing disappointments from once dependable bands who before now had flawless discographies; the very worst offender being Midlake. As an aside, here’s what I wrote about them months ago…

    Their new album The Courage Of Others turned out to be the musical equivalent of stumbling upon your granny sitting eerily motionless on a living room chair and prodding her with a stick to check for any signs of life. The difference being of course that sometimes your granny wakes up…The Courage Of Others never does, and remains as stagnant as a weed-invested drainage pond. Essentially The Trials Of Van Occupanther stripped of all the interesting…