• yup. it's a meme.

    20 Jun 2008, 14:59 de mirrah

    Ahahaha, this looks like fun & I'm shit bored.

    Hit it.



    How would you describe yourself: Black Butterfly. Heh. I guess I do tend to get all emo like that every once in a while.

    How would your friends describe you?: Just Like a Wall, yup, just like that. As in, shut-offish and cold, rather than solid and protective, I suppose.

    Your family?: Everybody's Got Their own Part To Play. Oh yeah. Especially if it's, like, a part in a silent movie. An angst-y silent movie. An angst-y, occasionally depressing silent movie.

    Are you generous?: Pandora's Aquarium, by which i suppose you mean I've a whole lotta snares, illusions & insanity locked up in a box AND I'm willing to share them.

    Do you have a short temper?: I Think I'm Paranoid. Quite.

    Are you a procrastinator?: Lea. Naturally, but i only procrastinate in style. Also, I'm several other unpleasant things according to this song.

  • AMEN

    7 Sep 2007, 2:36 de Nobrou

    Ladies & Gentlemen, grrls & boys, my sisters & brothers.
    it's time to serious thing.
    mostly for you all who still don't know our very dear and great and touchy Shannon Wright !! You who've been lazy enough to not take five minutes to check this sound, You who's reading these lines, it's time to click this red arrow NOW!

    http://farm1.static.flickr.com/168/434879577_d1608d9a97_m.jpg Shannon Wright (alb Let in the Light)

    high placed guys decided to put one material of hers in fully streamable way. These men are called God. i prefer to tell in advance that the one who don't feel like to continue the listening of Let in the light is missing the awesome piece Everybody's Got Their own Part To Play !

    for the others, why to not spend some time watching some photos while listening and tripping :D just click here
    i really hope you all will enjoy the sound because i really love her!

    <3 and all.

    (my full list here & comments left :P )