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Sílvia Gironell ( born 27, June 1992) is a music composer, producer, author, designer and specialist in movie soundtracks.
From "Clueless" created for cinema industry, to "We're Gonna Drive" ( her latest country single), she has demonstrated she can beat any style.
She composes and writes the lyrics of each one of her songs.
With four albums and fourteen singles, she will never stop making music. Because it's her job, her passion.
She spends every day in her studio. Composing, writing notes, playing guitar and producing.
Did you know that she dedicated her hip-hop single "Be the One" to New York City?
Or that "Beating Hearts" it's recorded as if the speakers were responding to each other?
She also gives to the covers a unique design according to their theme. Make up, costumes and lights are carefully studied to represent each song.
But that's not all. Her music it's also based on the different moods of people. Some albums like "No More Shadows" are composed to help people with nightmares in the case of "Just A Nightmare". Or even to help calm down like the songs that includes "Fairytale".
In each one of her songs there's a story. It's up to you to discover it.
For five years of career and many more!

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