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Sílvia Gironell (born June 27, 1992) is a music composer, producer, author and designer. She is also specialist in movie soundtracks. In fact, her single "Clueless" was specifically composed for film industry.
With a sweet and captivating look, Sílvia started studying music when she was little. Music is her passion, it's in her veins.
In November 2014, she launched her first EP, called "No More Shadows". An album written to help people when they're down. With dance rhythms and a little touch of mystery, she composed them thinking in all bad moments people usually have. Once you're listening this album, inmediately you start dancing. Positive energy invades your body, making you forget your problems.
"Just A Nightmare" hiddes another situation. It's focused on our fears. When we are scared and we are not able to see the light. This melody is an overcoming story. It's like: 'Close your eyes. Don't be scared. Let behind all your fears and take a step forward'.
All her music hides messages. She is very emotional and she is carried away by her feelings. Which bring us to her second album "Fairytale" (2015). An easy- listening album full of lovely melodies, created to relax people minds.
Between her singles, we can find "Break It Down" (2015), "Clueless" (2015), "Be The One" (2015) and "Find Me" (2015).
But the most popular and the big favourite is, without doubts, "Be The One". A Hip-hop/rap song with a very catchy rhythm. But that's not all, because IT'S DEDICATED TO NEW YORK CITY!
She also cares for every single of her fans. Boy or girl. Adult or teenager. Each one of them means a lot to her. In her own words: - " To me, each person is special, unique and valuable".
In December 2015, she launched a new funky single called "Feel The Beat". A song that takes you straight to the 80's.
In spring of 2016, her 3rd album "Should Be Mine" arrived strongly. With a new style, a mix of soul, RnB and jazz, she conquer her fans. Specially, her single "Do It". Probably the most loved song from the album. In autumn she launched a new single called "Taste Of Love". A pop/ballad much more mature and personal than the music she was doing till now. One of her best singles without doubts.
Her 4th album, " I Never Stop" was released in summer 2016. Amazing melodies full of dance, techno and a german touch.
In 2017, she composed a country song called "I'm Alive". A very powerful single that teach you to believe in yourself and have the strength necessary to do what you want to do.
In summer 2017, she launched "Candy King". A tropical melody charged of fresh vibes with a cute smiling crab on its cover.
Surprising all her fans a few days before Halloween, she introduces a new spooky song called "Whispers At Midnight". A single with creepy voices that explain a story about someone being bewitched.
In 2018, she lauched a new single called "SuperGirl". A very beautiful and romantic ballad that touches your heart the first second you listen to it. It's emotional, it's cute and probably, the best of her singles.

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