• Social.FM: Legal P2P Radio

    10 Oct 2007, 16:33 de moonlitkitty

    Anyone tried Social.Fm? The concept is free, legal P2P radio. You download some software and add the files you want to share. It can only be music you own legally (either digital purchases or CDs you own that you've ripped). Then any other member can stream your playlist, or individual songs by artists you've uploaded if they've searched for that particular artist.

    I think it's potentially a very useful and fun tool. I was investigating it tonight because I resubscribed to Emusic, and was wishing there was a way to listen to more than short samples of music I'm curious about on there. Social.FM/Mercora could possibly be a great way for Emusic users to let other subscribers listen to their downloads, and make a better decision about what they'd like to buy.

    That's just one example, but I think it could potentially find the sort of niche something like Soulseek has, where users who are into slightly more obscure music share it with others wanting to hear difficult-to-find stuff. …