• Asaf Avidan + The Mojos - Catalogue

    4 Nov 2010, 11:04 de MojoDojoX

    The title says "Asaf Avidan PLUS the Mojos" because this post is about songs both by Asaf Avidan & The Mojos (formed in late 2006), and by Asaf Avidan (formed in 1980) by himself.
    (Even though even his "solo" releases were also accompanied by different musicians..)
    I will also include songs by The Wrong Demons (formed in 2010).

    *btw, I'm gonna only focus here on songs that don't appear on the albums

    Asaf Avidan & The Mojos are:
    Asaf Avidan - Vocals and Guitar
    Ran Nir - Bass
    Joni Snow - Drums & Percussion
    Roi Peled - Lead Guitar
    Hadas Kleinman - Cello
    The quintet's MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/findlovenow

    I won't list all of the officially released songs, both because I'm lazy, and because I wanna focus on less official songs.
    So here are just last.fm links to the official albums:
    June 1, 2006: Asaf Avidan - Now That You're Leaving (EP)
    March 20, 2008: Asaf Avidan & The Mojos - The Reckoning
  • Old Folks' Night

    22 Mar 2008, 3:58 de halnine

    Fri 21 Mar – שלום חנוך -`חיות לילה`- מופע חשמלי מיוחד!!

    2am. Stage is filled with old people. Rocky old people.

    Shalom Hanoch. The guy can't tune his guitar anymore. Just like in the big leagues, he has a bloke that does that for him.
    He couldn't get along with his earpiece (no monitors on stage, btw) some of the time. Hel;l, he even used a coputerized prompter for all the lyrics. Yes yes, even "Maya".

    Ronnie Peterson (רוני פיטרסון) on guitar. No hair to be found. A shady old tatoo is all that's left of the old American import.

    But they rocked it. Like hell. For two hours and a quarter.

    The audience's average age was around 30. But the majority were around 15-18 and 40-55. Made me feel more the latter group, somehow.

    Bloody amazing.

    T'was fun. 'Nuff said.