• Some thoughts about Menomena, Ramona Falls and Lackthereof

    20 Sep 2009, 3:19 de pecusita

    Lately I've been thinking about Menomena and what makes them so great and a one-of-a-kind thing for me. It all comes down to the level of detail that seem to make up their songs. Every other second there is a certain moment that gives you a rewarding feeling as a listener. A feeling that your last 4 minutes or so have been very well invested.

    While achieving that highly detailed and meticulously calculated arrangements in their songs, it never comes off as an overly artsy and unreachable composition that could only be appreciated by a music connoisseur of sorts. At its very core, it's the smartest form of pop rock in modern music. To write down an oxymoron I'll say that reaching such great levels of simplicity is quite a complicated matter. Look no further than the often over-looked Under an Hour album, where you'll find three 15+ minutes piece of ear heaven that truly showcase the great talent of these guys.

    It comes as no surprise then that a group comprised of multi-instrumentalist that can write…