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Rakky Ripper is part of a new wave of Spanish artists. Welcoming a fresh impact on the scene, taking Spanish pop to a new bubblegum / hyper-pop galaxy, tipping her hat to the PC Music aesthetic in her distinctive “Spanglish” flow.

In 2019 she released her debut album “Neptune Diamond” and in May 2020 she collaborated with her good friend PUTOCHINOMARICÓN and her main producer eurosanto for the song “Cyberpet”, a catchy song that captivated Spanish and international audience.

In October 2020 she came back with “Coyote”, shortly after remixed by Beauty Brain. In January 2021 she released "Whatever" and then in February 19th she finally released the "Xtra Cost" EP, where these two songs are included. "Xtra Cost" is a capsule mixtape that is reviving the early 00's pop culture.

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