• My Latitude 2009

    21 Jul 2009, 19:50 de WillNewt

    The Mummers
    A blue-clad, yellow-fronted fairytale. Raissa's vocals were spot-on, her stiff dancing adorable. She stalked about the stage, looking like the fascinatingly awkward kid in school. The substitution of orchestra for melodica was as effective as it could be and proved that the Mummers were willing to buy into the festival spirit, topping off the set with a "mummers mash-up" of Passion Pit's Sleepyhead.

    The Duckworth Lewis Method
    Neil, sporting eccentric facial hair and wielding a cricket bat, and Thomas, who has oddly small, delicate hands provided the perfect accompaniment to this ashes weekend. Extremely self-aware and great fun, Jiggery Pokery being the obvious highlight.

    Fever Ray
    The undisputed highlight. Atmospheric, otherworldly beats, pantomime performers. It was like an alien embassy and strangely reminded me of the diva scene from the Fifth Element. I felt stoned during the performance and completely lost for words afterwards. Stunning.

  • Dibder's New Music Series: Entry 5

    28 May 2009, 11:11 de CvaldaVessalis

    Thu 30 Apr – the mummers

    On a personal note, it is with great excitement that I write this journal, as the next installment will be published whilst I am ensconced in the sunny environs of San Francisco! Provided I get around to writing it, obviously... So, as you can understand, new music and gigs won't exactly be on the agenda over the next couple of months! An incredibly special thanks to Omissi0n for setting this whole jaunt up is in order also, as despite being a dispiritingly crap year at home so far, I now have something rather lovely to look forward to! X^D

    So, joygasm over, back to my monthlies, and a quick little blurb about up-and-coming pop folkers The Mummers, whose debut album received a rather glowing rating in my last entry. They'll be hitting the festival circuit this year and are well worth checking out, their sunny songs and laidback demeanor a perfect soundtrack to the (hopefully) good summer weather. Lead singer Raissa's prior stage experience is a welcome feature too…
  • Dibder's New Music Series: Entry 4

    30 Abr 2009, 12:53 de CvaldaVessalis

    Sat 11 Apr – Röyksopp

    Will be keeping the gig review this month to a bare minimum due to the influx of new music I managed to get hold of, but needless to say, both Röyksopp and Fever Ray in particular were on fine form at London's Royal Festival Hall. At the gig's end, as the loutier of the concert-going patrons were filing out of the seated venue, most could be heard to say, with all of the eloquence of a bulldog licking piss off of a nettle "it's not the best place for a rave, is it?" I was tempted to turn around and say that, given the amount of people standing up and throwing their limbs around during the Röyk's set, it didn't really matter, but quickly remembered there was a short time window before I would have to get the nightbus back to my local pub.

    Flashing back to the beginning of the night, I made it to the venue with a little over half-an-hour for drinks before Fever went onstage, to find that I was near enough sitting on the stage itself directly above the sound engineer's desk (thank you…
  • New Music: The Mummers

    30 Jul 2008, 17:58 de LittleJoeII

    For the whole article including a streaming and download for 2 Surviviors go to:

    The Mummers hail from Brighton and are composed of Raissa Khan-Panni (vocals), Mark Horwood (music) and Paul Sandrone (production). It may be a lazy comparison and - if they make it big - it’s one that they will probably become overly familar with, but they do sound rather like Bjork. Lead singer Raissa has the same sort of idiosyncratic but impressive vocal style and she does sound worringly like her at times. Even down to the way she phases the pronounciation of certain ways.

    The music is much akin to Bjork’s more whimisical and ‘pop’ work, rather than her forays into the avant garde and dance music. Despite the sometimes distracting likenesses to Iceland’s most famous export. The Mummers do manage to burrow thier own ‘orchestra-pop’ niche quite ably. …
  • Old and New...

    27 Jul 2007, 14:16 de Alienspacer

    Felt like writing a journal about what I'm listening to at the moment cos I haven't written one in ages and I'm bored... ;)

    First off, there's a couple of artists that I've been getting into lately, one of which is Tori Amos. I've been aware of her for ages (as I understand it Tori's career kicked off over here in England before it did back in her native US, I bet I got that wrong though) but never really paid much attention to her. I decided to give her work a listen due to getting to know a few Tori fans online so, as I was hearing about her a lot I decided to see what the fuss was about. I always got the impression that her music was just fluffy piano stuff, but after checking out her album To Venus and Back I was pleasantly surprised. Quite a different sound to what I was expecting, I particularly liked Bliss, Juarez and Glory of the 80's (I just love that twangy sound). As a result I've been listening to this album a lot. I've also been listening to From the Choirgirl Hotel quite a few times too.