• 2010 overview in grind, sludge, and nicer music

    2 Feb 2011, 22:52 de zmajeee


    I know I'm late. Can't travel back in time, anyhow. If I had to, I'd say that 2010 took the cake in the sludge / slower department in general; bands like Thou, Harvey Milk, Cough, The Body, the new, improved version of Bastard Noise, and much, much more (and sure, I've missed some potentially ace / probably metal ones, e.g. the new Immolation, but I don't really care to hear about it unless it's grind). Not to worry, though, 'cause I've suffered through a great lot of blastbeats anyhow. Deliberately ignoring a lot of titles like, uh, the new Rotten Sound EP, there was still a metric fuckton of boring, vapid, cliched material left to feed on my compulsive urges, so here's a belated New Year's Fuck You to myself. Before indulging into the humongous, cryptic pile of text below (an overview of 2010 releases without a rating system), stop idolizing and romanticizing whatever shit you like to listen to. If you wished to do so, you could download just about any of these releases by typing the band name…
  • Current Vinyl Record Collection

    17 Mar 2007, 4:03 de minutemade

    the general purpose of doing this is not to flaunt my collection (i know at least 3 people with a far more superior collection)...in fact, i don't even know why i'm doing this. but i encourage everyone with a decent collection to do the same, simply 'cos having a vinyl collection at all is cool...

    *Ace Cannon - "Summer Time" b/w "Hoe Down Rock"
    *Arcade Fire - "Keep the Car Running" b/w "Broken Window"
    *Arctic Monkeys - "When the Sun Goes Down" b/w "Settle for a Draw"
    *Art Brut - "Good Weekend" b/w "Every Other Weekend"
    *The Boy Least Likely To - "Hugging My Grudge" b/w "Oddballs"
    *Charles Bronson - "Charles Bronson"
    *The Flaming Lips - "The W.A.N.D." b/w "You Gotta Hold On"
    *The Flaming Lips - "Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" b/w "Why Does It End?"
    *Gorillaz - "Feel Good Inc." b/w "68 State"
    *Holy Molar - "Holy Molar"