• New discoveries - Chapter 4

    15 Ene 2007, 16:18 de der_Karl

    And here we are again. A new year and already some new discoveries I made. This time it's exclusively futurepop/EBM stuff but according to Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music this still falls into the wide category that is trance - so no harm done. :D

    A futurepop-band from the US. So far they have released one album: Obsolete. It's quite hard to get but if you happen to find it somewhere you should check it out. Thanks to JTelcontar for recommending!

    As written in the artist wiki: "A futurepop supergroup." Indeed it is: Bruderschaft (meaning "brotherhood" in German) is a collaborative project by Apoptygma Berzerk, Covenant, VNV Nation and two more futurepop bands. So far there's only one song by them: Forever. An absolutely stunning track!

    A futurepop project from Brazil that's definitely worth a try. All their tracks are fully streamable here on last.fm. Their repertoire covers more trancy sounding tracks like Always Invisible as well as darker…
  • New discoveries: Reloaded

    23 Nov 2006, 18:39 de der_Karl

    Last week I wrote a journal entry about some new music I discovered here on last.fm - thinking that it was nice to have mentioned that and that I was done with it. But nope, looks like we've got a series here. So yeah, welcome to the second issue of "New discoveries". And we'll start right away with...

    How I ever could have missed that album I'll never know, I guess. Must have been my studies that kept me from noticing that... Yeah, as I come to think of it now, it was exams time in my first semester when it came out. To cut a long story short: Definitely a must. Nothing more to say about Kai Tracid.

    Seeing Pyroshock's journal entry called "Shameless self-advertisting" popping up on my dashboard I could not resist and read it. That guy produces hard trance and ambient music, as well as house. And as you see me mentioning him here it can't be that bad. ;)
    No, quite the contrary: You should definitely check out I Can See the Light and Sentinel. …