• Boredoms And Boredoms-Related Releases

    21 May 2009, 11:46 de Tropolist

    Two hours and this is all I have to show for them. I did not include releases that I could not verify on Discogs or MusicBrainz, or any of the hundreds of Compilation releases, most of which feature Eye playing 20 tracks with 20 pseudonyms. In short, this list is very incomplete but I will do no more work on it.

    the hanatarashi: Untitled (1984)
    Hanatarash: Rap The Neil In Tokyo (Split) (1984)
    ハナタラシ: ハナタラシ (1985)
    Hanatarash: Worst Selektion (1985)
    Boredoms: Anal By Anal (EP) (1986)
    Hanatarashi: Jigoku No Komoriuta (1986)
    NANKAI HAWKWIND: 1985年12月15日(日) 大阪・扇町ミュージアムスクエアでのライブ (Live) (1987)
    Boredoms: Osorezan No Stooges Kyo (1988)
    Boredoms: Boretronix 1 (1988)
    Hanatarashi: 2 (1988)
    UFO or Die: UOD (Single) (1988)
    Boredoms: Soul Discharge (1989)
    Boredoms: Boretronix 2 (1989)
    Hanatarash: Hanatarash 3 (Version One) (1989)
    Hanadensha: GOLDEN AGE OF HEAVY BLOOD (1989)
    omoide-hatoba: Daiongaku (1989)
    Omoide-Hatoba: Surfin' In UFO (EP) (1989)