• Music plays in empty halls

    17 Feb 2007, 11:00 de NespaLa

    Thu 15 Feb – Tuxedomoon

    So, there we ended up, a big posh concrete building in one of the finest tourist destinations in old Europe. Watching the finest new-wave musicians from an oversubsidized seat on the par-terre of a temple of culture.

    Not that Tuxedomoon doesn't deserve this status! Oh they do. The set list was rather 'new material' oriented. Nulties Galore! Keeping the eighties tunes (Volo Vivace, This Beast ) for the encore.

    The podium space was so big, Steven Brown had the luxury to play on a wing-sized piano. Wonder if he could still see the other musicians from there. Well, it made a nice support for the synth :p Blaine L. Reininger still joking away as usual. Dutch and American, both very slang. I don't think it is a stage act, but a natural way of beeing. Nope, Peter Principle fell from his role by making a move. So far for the static dancing. Luc Van Lieshout shattering away, looking oh so serious.