• Nikki Sudden The Boy From Nowhere Who Fell Out Of The Sky Box set

    25 May 2013, 10:51 de theclarkness

    Finally outNikki Box.jpg
    Three years in the making finally ready to be made available
    A very limited edition Box set that contains a Best Of double CD, and 4 discs of unreleased and extremely rare tracks.
    Amongst the players aiding and abetting Mr Sudden are Jowe Head and Epic Soundtracks of Swell Maps, Peter Buck of REM, Mike Scott, Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones, the late Rowland S Howard, Jeremy Gluck of The Barracudas, Dave Kusworth, Phil Shoenfelt, Max Decharne, John Barry,
    Liner notes are by Mojo writer and author Max Decharne and John Barry with interviews exclusively from Peter Buck, John Rivers
    Un seen photos feature throughout the 32 page booklet
    Plus a facsimile of the fanzine 'What a nice way to turn seventeen'
    Design & Layout Les Clark Nikki SuddenRowland S HowardSwell MapsJacobitesPhil ShoenfeltEpic SoundtracksDave KusworthPeter BuckMike Scott
  • PEARL JAM: Band yang "Mendengar"

    17 Oct 2011, 11:30 de Lukin99

    Konser Pearl Jam di Calgary, Kanada (21 September 2011) lalu memberikan kesan khusus bagi fans Pearl Jam. Tak hanya dari susunan setlist lagu yang dibawakan mereka, namun juga detail kecil di sela-sela konser.

    Dari percakapan di forum penggemar Pearl Jam, Ten Club Community Forum, seorang user dengan ID nothingman4 menulis:

    "Sepupu saya, Sean, adalah inspirasi bagi saya dan keluarga untuk menggemari band ini. Ia merupakan sepupu tertua, dan membuka mata kami terhadap 'agama' yang kita sebut Pearl Jam. Ia meninggal pada 2007 dan kami sekeluarga sangat terpukul kehilangannya.

    Bersama dengan adik saya, kami bertemu Mike McCready pagi di hari konser. Kami berbicara mengenai beberapa hal, seperti tentang Calgary, pekerjaan dan beberapa hal lainnya. Sebelum ia pergi, saya menjelaskan apa yang saya tulis di paragraf atas. Saya bilang bahwa Sean sangat menyukai Deep dan sayangnya ia belum pernah mendengarkan lagu itu dibawakan live. Saya meminta kepada Mike agar band membawakannya malam itu."
  • January 2011

    1 Ene 2011, 12:42 de Babs_05

    The idea is for a journal for every month listing new albums I listen to and what I think so that when I review the year's music in December, I will have a handy reminder. I will add to this as the month goes on. Suggestions welcome.

    Play the radio: My Gang Featured Albums 11 http://static.last.fm/matt/tinyradio.gif

    Dec 2010 and earlier

    w/c Mon 03 January:

    http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61UtpYB-SLL._AA115_.jpg Forest Swords - Dagger Paths
    If Your Girl is a ghostly cover of Aaliyah's If Your Girl Only Knew that stays in your mind.
    We7 | Spotify | MySpace

    http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61VGbxIzp0L._AA115_.jpg Thea Gilmore - Teach Me To Be Bad (Nov 14, 2010)
    4-track EP. Folk. Hugely underrated British talent. Everything by her is worth listening to.
    We7 | Spotify | MySpace

    http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51Tt96MiGLL._AA115_.jpg Wild Nothing - Gemini
    The one everyone was listening to that I managed to miss. Right up my street with their dream pop shoegazy goodness.
  • TOP20 - Músicas...

    2 Ene 2010, 21:13 de RaulRoque

    É sempre legal selecionar algumas das músicas que mais significam e significaram algo pra você, não é mesmo? Nesses últimos dias estive pensando nisso e resolvi escolher algumas das faixas que mais me acompanharam durante todos esses anos de vida. Abdicando análises técnicas tanto líricas quanto sonoras, a coleção que agrupei aqui é intimamente pessoal - de fato as músicas que mais me influenciaram e estiveram presentes no meu dia a dia, independente se foram bem recebidas pela mídia em geral ou não. Ou se causaram algum impacto pelo mundo afora... A maioria se relaciona bastante com amor, nostalgia, rejeições e afabilidade. Um pouco os atributos, modéstia à parte, que compusaram minha vida até aqui.

    A única regra que propus é não repetir o mesmo artista durante a seleção. Sem mais delongas, segue a lista abaixo. Começando dos maiores pros menores, em ordem decrescente...

    Título: That's What You Do
    Intérprete: Maximilian Hecker
    Composição: Maximilian Hecker
    Álbum/Single: Rose (2003)
  • R.E.M. @ Cardiff International Arena, Cardiff, Wales

    28 Ago 2008, 17:54 de queeniefox

    Event Page

    ( How I saw R.E.M., danced around in my bra, lost my voice, squeed for England, got autographs, and probably killed my immune system for the next five weeks BUT DO I CARE, NO. Ahem. Now read on. )

    Ok, so, the bra thing? By way of explanation, the CIA was REALLY REALLY hot inside. I had taken my tights off earlier on, but eventually the t-shirt had to go as well. I'm probably the only person in the audience who took Michael Stipe's "clothing optional" statement literally but at least I didn't die through overheating or something. (The CIA staff had also taken away our water bottles before we went in "because you might throw them at the stage.") Note to bands (because so many I have seen live say things like this): do not say that you like the fact that the venue is hot because it adds to the atmosphere*. This is probably *why* people throw water bottles at the stage. ANYWAY.

    Support acts: Guillemots* = very good, Editors = good but too much of a Killers rip-off for me. …
  • A review by Jamie Manners of the Vichy Government

    12 May 2008, 15:52 de feline1973

    Sat 6 Apr – The Feline Dream, Marcel, Riviera F

    Here's a review of our Fan Club gig by Pyamierama of Outer Norwich University...

    well done to messrs. 1 and 2 for the most enoyable show I've seen them put on to date! the children of Lodnod seemed well impressed for the most part and the Felines have certainly made their mark.

    I was pleased to arrive in time for the opening band, Fanclub residents RIVIERA. People had been telling me that this band were just up my street for ages, but I was always somewhere else whenever they had a gig on and had missed the last 11 or sthg.
    They pass the most important test by looking great—beats and beeps generated by two besuited fops, two blonde, Eastern-European female vocalists on posing/deadpan vocal duty—one of whom, clad in very tight hot pants, regularly bent over to pick up/set down her guitar between songs :-o
    Riviera I think prove that if ewe behave like a pop star convincingly enough, pretty soon ewe'll be treated like one. …
  • Wow, what a great show!

    12 Jun 2007, 15:17 de shagedorn

    Mo., 11. Jun. – Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3
    Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3

    Usually I do these in German, but since the show was in the Netherlands I suppose I should do my report in a more universal language ...
    The last time I'd seen Robyn Hitchcock had been in 1997. That was his last show in Germany. He tours in Great Britain and the US a lot, but rarely in continental Europe. I don't have a car,going back by train on the same night seemed impossible, and staying at a hotel would've been rather expensive. So at first I wasn't sure whether really to make the trip from Cologne, Germany to Utrecht in the Netherlands. But then I considered the fantastic line-up (I'm an old-time R.E.M. fan) and what a great city Utrecht is (I stayed there for a month in an apartment with my girlfriend at the time), and ordered a ticket on-line. At the time I was convinced that the show would be sold out ... I also thought I knew the venue, but I was wrong twice (see below).

  • April 21st: On this Day

    21 Abr 2007, 19:44 de tenderbranson69

    2004, Former Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan was attacked in a London pub. The singer was assaulted at the Joiner's Arms pub in central London and suffered a fractured cheekbone after being kicked, punched and hit with a metal bar. Two men, aged 20 and 21, were arrested and later released on bail.

    2001, R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck was charged by police at Heathrow airport with being drunk on an aircraft and assaulting British Airways crew. Buck was taken into custody after landing on a flight from Seattle and questioned by police for 12 hours.

    1990, Singer Amy Grant sued Marvel Comics for including her likeness in a Dr Strange Comic.

    1982, Joe Strummer disappeared for three weeks, which resulted in The Clash cancelling a tour. He was found living rough in Paris.

    1959, Born on this day, Michael Timmins, guitar, Cowboy Junkies, (1989 album 'The Trinity Session').

    1959, Born on this day, Robert Smith, guitar, vocals, The Cure, (1989 US No. …
  • Eels & Grand Lee Buffalo

    5 Feb 2007, 21:25 de Busla

    Слышал конечно, я эту композицию давно и не единожды, но вот пристально заинтересовался только сейчас. Я говорю о Fuzzy. Чтоб было понятно, откуда ветер дует, попалась она мне на одном из mp3-шных «Romantic Collection». Так или иначе, там практически все песни заслуживают внимания, каждая в своё время была хитом-призёром-номинантом и т.п. Но Fuzzy меня очаровала особено своей мелодикой и превосходной работой голоса...

    Естественно, я заинтересовался и прочим творчеством этой группы, которого насчитывается несколько альбомов... Желающие могут приобрести на Амазоне - ни в инете на в России ничего, кроме единственной Fuzzy в средненьком (192 Kb/s) качестве не нашёл.

    Зато узнал, что их вокалист - Grant-Lee Phillips и Peter Buck — гитарист из R.E.M. — приложили руку к альбому Daisies of the Galaxy. И вы знаете, очень недурственно у них вышло. Песенки слегка упаднического настроения, но английский я на слух воспринимаю не очень, а музыкальная составляющая вносит приятное разнобразие обилием клавишных…
  • Seen live 2006

    11 Ene 2007, 15:29 de eriktoyra

    February 17th Thåström [10/10]
    Best: bara om min älskade väntar, Karenina, Ingen neråt sång, Alla Vill Till Himlen.

    February 26th Depeche Mode [8/10]
    Man, does Depeche know how to put up a show or what!? Great consert.
    Best: A Question of Time, Personal Jesus

    February 26th The Bravery [6/10]
    Supported Depeche Mode. Did a pretty good job.
    Best: An Honest Mistake

    April 1st Morrissey [7/10]
    Now I've done it! I have seen the man, the myth the legend - live! The end of the consert was a big dissapointment. The gig was only 75 min long and only one(!) extra song which brings down the verdict with one point.
    Best: Girlfriend in a coma, Irish Blood, English Heart

    April 29th Hell On Wheels [8/10]
    Short but fantastic!
    Best: it's wrong beeing a boy

    7th of July - Peace & Love Festival
    Silver Jews [6/10]
    Pleasant, but not fantastic.

    Elias & The Wizzkids [9/10]
    Wow! Give this band a record deal asap!

    Ed Harcourt [4/10]