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Born on April 29th, 1993 in Barcelona, she always loved music as she grew up with musician parents. Her dad plays guitar and her mom sings.

Paula started piano lessons and sol-fa when she was 11. When she was 16, she started to play guitar self-taught and with her father’s help.

She discovered her first reference as a musician, Paramore, when she was 15 and since then, she discovered new bands and new sounds that helped her to find her way in music and to find her sound.

On 2008, Paula created her first Youtube account where she posted some covers, but deleted it and made a new one on 2009, the one that she’s using nowadays. She didn’t used it that much until 2012, when she started to take her channel more serious and posted covers and random videos with her friends. Paula now has more than 4000 subscribers and almost 300.000 views.

On 2016, she finally released her own music like Hypnagogia and Getaway, with the help of the producers Mark&Albert. Some of her favorite band members have seen and liked her covers and other ones support her own music.

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