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"La banda mas dura del planeta". Hailing from the Basque region of Spain, nihilist punk commando Puro Odio are purveyors of a degenerate world that has lost its sanity and fallen to complete barbarism, anarchy, chaos and inhumanity, succumbing to a bleak new world order where any virtue or morality is crushed under the iron fist of hatred, violence and nihilism. A senseless exaltation of crime, terrorism and of mankind’s most repulsive side, their sophomore two-song EP originally self released on vinyl 7" in 2019 is a bastard punk ritual of absolute disgust and nihilism where the crudest and most antagonist history of early American hardcore punk, as well as the British old-school of anarcho-punk, Oi! and d-beat is hijacked to serve the complete suppression of virtue and foment the abject glorification of total darkness and negativity. Within its primordial and deranged stylistic framework you will hear the iconic sounds of American legends like Cruficix and Void, as well as of British bastions of filthy punk like Broken Bones, English Dogs, GBH, Discharge, and Conflict all collide with the darkest and most unnameable horrors of reality - subtlety channeled by the ancestral malevolence heard in early punk black metal entities like GISM, Von and Hellhammer. The ensuing style and overall sound is thus describable as the sonic idealization of a reign of terror, with hateful blackened vocals barking atrocities and primitive pummeling d-beat drumming driving a demented and derailing meat grinder of abrasive guitars to shape a raw and repulsive hardcore punk dystopia vomited from the slums and gutters of hell, soaked in darkness, blood, and cruelty. A degenerate crossway of sorts between the abjection and primitivism of hardcore punk bands like Gag and Glue, and the malefic misanthropy of blackened punk bands like Bone Awl, Ritual Knife, and Grinning Death's Head.

Look out for more Puro Odio sonic bile to be spilled via Sentient Ruin in a near, bleak future…

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