• Name five musical acts...

    30 Dic 2007, 14:36 de rabidoveryou

    Stolen from CircusOfHeaven. Guess who's procrastinating on the homework front!

    Name five musical acts that you like, that surprises people:
    Bauhaus - "You can't like Bauhaus. You're a Split Enz fan, for God's sake." Huh. I do like Bauhaus, as a matter of fact. Even if everyone thinks I'm making it up to make myself sound cool. So what if I like Split Enz too? Speaking of which...
    Split Enz - because no one expects a sixteen year old girl living in London in the year 2007 to like Split Enz. Wrong time, wrong side of the world...
    Jimmy Cliff - I like reggae too!
    Klaus Nomi - Because not many people realise that he was actually a genius. They think he was a novelty act. Not true. :(
    Alice Cooper - An odd one out for me, musically. But I do love him.

    Name five musical acts that you don't like, that surprises people:
    Pink Floyd - Anything post-Barrett leaves me cold.
    Duran Duran - Because apparently, judging by all the other bands I like, I should worship them. Well...no.