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Martin Ciolfi Is an Argentine singer, guitarist, keyboard player, DJ and producer with more than 20 years of experience in the musical environment. His mother, a piano teacher, taught him to play the instrument at 9 years old. Since then, it was just a one-way ticket to music.
For over 17 years, Martin was PINO‘s frontman and guitarist. In 2013, after PINO’s break up, he decided to face at completely different search and began to experience with electronic music. Known by the pseudonym JIRAFAS, as a producer and DJ, his sounds reflected the well-marked roots of his musical experiences, mixed with laboratory electronics.

In 2014, JIRAFAS released his first, and so far, only EP called “FAST WOLRD” with SOUTHERN WAREHOUSE RECORDS. One of the milestones of JIRAFAS carer was the presentation at prestigious Mar del Plata Film Festival.
At the same time, between 2014 and 2015, Martín played synthesizers, programing and did backing vocals at KAINOAS, an argentine New Metal band.
In 2016, he began to record his solo material under his own name (Martin Ciolfi) that was released in 2018. Based on almost a lifetime connected to music, this time, he decided to record his new material in Singles format and lunch them like as they are, just songs.

In 2019, Martin returns to the studio with a totally different project. Feeling enthusiastic about merging music and technology, he created ONE TICKET TO THE MOON. Instrumental electronic songs, with 80’s sounds, mixing futuristic cinematic and progressive compositions, leaning towards the synthwave era. In this last project Martin found himself reunited with two old friends Francisco Echeverria and Juan Asensi former members of PINO. Nowadays, the three of them are working on the design of a new show for this year.

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