• Ol' Dirty live in Amsterdam

    12 Nov 2008, 1:05 de nate32x


    Back when I used the Internet to arrange music trades of cassette tapes and CDs via postal mail (can you believe that shit ever went on?), I got hold of a bootleg of Ol' Dirty Bastard from Amsterdam. I gather that this was somewhat widely traded among Wu fans due to the great sound quality.

    The length of the copy I have is 37:18 and contains only tracks from "Return to the 36 Chambers", so it is probably circa late 1995 or 1996. It begins with Buddah Monk hollering, "The Ol' Dirt Dog is here!", followed by about a minute of the ODB talking about how he has the 24-hour flu and is so sick that he probably shouldn't be doing a show. Complaints about Dirt's ailments go on to be the theme of the show, which actually makes it all the better, since besides his great music and a one-of-a-kind delivery, unpredictability and even audience uncomfortableness are actually desirable attributes of an Ol' Dirty show. …