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Changing the reality around us is the only way to improve each individual. That is the purpose of life and the dare to be achieved, the only way to become a change agent, the art of driving people.

That is something that has always in mind of the Spanish electronic music producer, sound spaces and abstract textures looking for instill sensations to the listeners, altering their perception.

Dario Garcia was born in Madrid in 1993. He has been experimenting with sound since his childhood, establishing his beginning as producer in 2012, when he joins to a squad of the Spanish freetekno movement, releasing some works in 12” on labels like Kunda or Obs.Cur, one of the most important Dutch acid labels.

Gradually he was implied in the environmental and experimental musical production. This arose numerous projects which would serve him as a basis for learning the techniques that today he applies on its main active project, allowing him to experiment with a wide range of sound synthesis techniques to induce the hypnotic trance with pulses and waves.

All his compositions are sound rituals seeking the neurological change, timely or permanent transformation of the listener's gray matter. His project Notzing, which is a conceptual art work, takes the name in honour to a famous German psychiatric medic, Albert von Schrenck-Notzing, and it involves techno, ambient and experimental music.

In 2017, Dario created Knotzept Records as a label where release all his most experimental and avant-gardist works. His vision about the label is a comparison with the finest art galleries. A free space where expose the most modern and cutting-edge electronic textures and sounds.

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