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Noson2 "is Sonia Arenas and her sister Noelia musical formation.Their musical style is pop - dance, with clear Latin influences, and their letters can explain and transmit emotions directly, with words that we all understand. Their debut cd and presentation contains 10 unreleased songs, which mix latin rhythms and dance as the "Peligrosa” presentation single, or "Viva la noche”.Great pop and personality “La vida Gira”,”Nada”,” Bailo” regatton ,or “Lagrimas por Ti” even flamenco influence song called “Torero” . Sonia and noelia have been preparing this debut album for over two years, initiating first with the edition of a One day - named single.
Their first realese song was presented in all possible radio and televisions, as well as live, through its performances in festivals and discotheques, where we could enjoy a quality show with musicians and live dancers.
In 2007 returned all over with the pop song "Ojos en el sol” the album is called "Versoniando” and will be composed of several numbers one of the 70,80 and 90.

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