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  • Años de actividad

    2010 – presente (8 años)

Nine Treasures are a folk metal band from Inner Mongolia, China.

Four of all five members are ethnic Mongolian. All the lyrics are in Mongolian. The five musicians started playing together in Beijing in the end of 2010. What sets them apart is the spirit in their music. The songs are joyful and enthusiastic, at the same time rich in emotions. They have so far released two albums and one EP and played numerous concerts in China. They competed in Wacken Metal Battle 2013 and reached the second place. Since then, two more European tours are completed - October/November 2015 and July 2016. Festivals participated including Woodstock Poland and Metaldays Slovenia. Right now the band is busy at work on the third album. A single has been released on Youtube exclusively.

Askhan - vocals/guitar
Aoger - Bass/vocals
Tsog - Morin Khuur
Ding Kai - Drums
Saina - Balalaika

Wiils - Balalaika
Saqir - samples
Amila - Balalaika


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