• Basic Unit FedASS - More Feedback

    17 Sep 2007, 19:39 de nitzanhermon

    Tom Budden (Proton Radio) - It's really good. production on the original FedAss is awesome. Liking the percussive heavy Gary Beck remix too!

    Hernan Cattaneo (Renaissance ) - wow quality house stuff all the way top tracks really good!

    David Duriez (Brique Rouge ) - kind of too minimal for me but overall it's quality, i like both original mix and especially "Pattern Matcher" - will try it in after parties

    Jez Torrance (IDJ ) - Love all these, especially the two remixes. defo a review 4/5

    Kami Shake (Kamisshake / Azuli / Blackmarket / The Cross / DTPM) - FedAss is the one for me..

    Colin Dale - A real fave of mine at the moment.....this is really how it should be done. Funky Tech beats to keep your feet moving and ya head noddin'. Best cuts for me are the original and also remixes from Gary beck and also Pattern Matcher......sublime.

    Josh Wink (Ovum ) - Like the original the best. Tracky & Raw. Will fit it into sets.