• A Narrative of Us

    10 Nov 2012, 23:50 de slbethard

    Here you will find a playlist I made for a play list swap party! The party was on Saturday, November 10, 2012 in Northampton, Mass. I submitted the theme "Amaeru" and chose (from the pool of themes) "Unrequited love". The tracks are loosely grouped into three categories that I am calling "Narrative of 'us'", "The Bitter Truth" and "Love will find you again".

    I found that it was easier to fit things into the first and third categories than it was in the case of the second.

    The tracks are listed below and you can download them here.

    Other themes included "Urban (spaces of) longing", "Invisible cities", "Waiting" and "If Sauron had won".

    01 Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
    02 Show Me Love - Robin S.
    03 Crave You (Bxentric Remix) - Flight Facilities
    04 Need Your Lovin (dub mix) - Tensnake
    05 You Are Like Charles Lindbergh To Me - Alsace Lorraine
    06 Rachael and Deckard, Romantic Scene from Blade Runner
  • 2010

    28 Dic 2010, 6:46 de slbethard

  • Music that happened this year

    28 Dic 2007, 19:11 de arjesh

    Inspired by a question Z-soldier asked me, I have decided to list out the songs and albums that happened to me this year. These weren't necessarily released this year - they just entered my life properly this year.

    To help me get started, I am just going to list the track/albums. Then later I'll add specific comments to the entries. Mostly this is going to be an unsorted list.

    Track of the year:
    Where is home? (Burial Mix) - Bloc Party

    - I think I saw this track on Z-soldier's page. It is a good demonstration of Burial's brilliance. The Bloc Party original is frankly not at all exciting while this remix is sheer melancholic brilliance. Burial at his best! I also really liked the whole `Untrue' album, with the following being standout tracks:
    Archangel, Etched Headplate

    Other Tracks:

    1. Belize - Anja Schneider
    2. Outta Sight - Osborne
    1&2 both have a real summer vibe about them. Warm fun techno at its best. I checked them out after reading Philip Sherburne's this month in techno list.
  • albums of 2006

    20 Dic 2006, 0:48 de taoster

    1. Lo-Fi FNk - Boylife

    It was a close run thing between this and 'Ys' and if asked to select the better album then it would go to 'Ys' but more about that in a moment.

    This album didn't grab me at first. It was too full on. Too overt. But it worked its way under my skin, it's a pick me up album, a summer album to be sure. I listened to "The End" over and over, and it was as if summer would never end. But it did, and then there was...

    2. Joanna Newsom - Ys

    I have vivid memories of the inception of this album. It was late august, the summer was thinning out, and I was about to move again. It wasn't just the end of summer though. It was the end of being in green. End of friendships. No more practise runs.

    This album captured me. I was a hostage for those last weeks of summer. The long songs drew me in, like dusk, wanting it to never set. Each sunset was closer to the end. And each ending of each song was closer to silence. …
  • The bird flu pt. 2

    14 Ago 2006, 16:50 de Nicam

    Uh, Oh! I've seen YOU live too!
    From July 2006 - June 2007.

    25/05 2007 - Saturday Looks Good To Me - Blekingska nationen, Lund
    18/05 2007 - Gentle Touch - Smålands Nation, Lund
    15/04 2007 - Deerhoof - The Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin
    15/04 2007 - The Blow - The Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin
    21/03 2007 - Lucky Lucky Pigeons - Smålands Nation, Lund
    21/03 2007 - Steso Songs - Smålands Nation, Lund
    09/03 2007 - x partners - Kålgården, Gothenburg
    10/11 2006 - The Guild - Landet, Stockholm
    06/10 2006 - Cats On Fire - Blekingska nationen, Lund
    06/10 2006 - Ultrasport - Blekingska nationen, Lund
    05/10 2006 - Cats On Fire - Kulturhuset, Copenhagen
    05/10 2006 - Scaredycat - Kulturhuset, Copenhagen
    05/10 2006 - Younolovebunny - Kulturhuset, Copenhagen
    08/09 2006 - Nicolas Makelberge - Blekingska nationen, Lund
    02/09 2006 - Obstinate Esther - Bunkerpop, Nørrebroparken, Copenhagen
    02/09 2006 - Scaredycat - Bunkerpop, Nørrebroparken, Copenhagen
  • Peace & Love 2006 - The Friday

    18 Jul 2006, 9:54 de helikoppter

    After a bad night's sleep, a morning visit to Kupolen and Systembolaget and some laid back drinking in the grass, the Peace & Love festival finally started at 15.30 on Friday July 7. We were just about to leave for Timo Räisänen when we notice that one of the guys putting up a tent beside ours is somebody I know from home! Some introductions later, my sister and I hurried to the festival area as we wanted to see as much as possible of Timo's performance before moving on to the next band. We got there during the first song and stayed till the last. He was just amazing!!! Although we had planned on getting a glimpse of The Animal Five, that we'd heard a lot of good stuff about, we just couldn't leave...

    When Timo was done on the big stage, Alf entered the stage in the park. I had heard a lot of good things about his debut and had even listened some to his second album, but on stage he wasn't anything special. So we left for the camping area to hang out with some friends from here.