• a thunderingly beautiful year in music; 2008 top 20 discoveries

    2 Ene 2009, 2:05 de Shandyla

    Where My Fortune Lies - Auld Lang Syne || somehow a rustic american rock song was released into the wild by a group of unknowns and grew into my favourite song of this year (and many other years). this kind of music really resonates with me and I don't know why because I'm supposed to be scottish. do i have a romantic vision of walking through some cornfields in the deep south or something? i can't really explain this, it's like they managed to take really really expensive recording equipment and capture the sound of resolution totally unspoiled. in dolby.

    Hanasakajijii (One: The Angry Neighbor) - Anathello || a big snarling zoo of a song, definitely weird but very endearing. it does feel like sneaking warily through a miyazaki-drawn forest, then spotting something you don't quite like the look of and breaking into a run.

    Branches - Midlake || sweet and humble by the ever-wintery sounding Midlake, i fell in love with this song as soon it told me 'it's hard for me but i'm trying'.