• Pre-Screening: Mos Def

    6 Jun 2009, 14:15 de JohnCa55illo

    The following appears on my music blog, Animal Noises- feel free to check it out.


    Album: The Ecstatic
    Artist: Mos Def
    Label: Downtown Records
    Due Out: June 9th

    Admittedly, this year has been fairly barren thus far, in regards to notable/high-quality rap/hip hop releases. Enter Mos Def. Probably one of the most anticipated releases in the genre this year, The Ecstatic is classic Mos Def, with his original and recognizable lyrical delivery, and broad cast of contributors making for something both thought-provoking and dance-worthy. Overall, Def's beats here are some of the best you'll witness in 2009, as a new, more club-friendly backing track seems to accompany some songs. Whether you're new to the artist, or a longtime listener, I can tell you, you'll find this one worthy of a continuous loop throughout your summer playlist.

    The Ecstatic begins with Supermagic, first a social statement…