• Arvikafestivalen

    6 Oct 2006, 21:32 de Faidros

    Nice, but I was in a bad mood the first half of the festival. Was mostly on my own in the festival-area, could therefore se many concerts. The crowd was great, almost as a “moving crowd pack” that jumped and danced right in front of the stage on all concerts.


    Laakso: Four guys in identical military looking outfits played nice pop-tunes that didn’t leave much impression, except for a song which I think was called High Drama with the lyrics “Yes please Marcus” in the chorus. It was also the only song I had heard before. The singer’s charisma saved the show, though.

    Mindre nils: I imagine being a homosexual Jew in Norrland to be quite complicated. Mindre Nils (which means Smaller/Lesser Nils, Nils being a male Swedish name) turns it into small funny stories in between the klezmerpop and by that claims without any competition my own “Best Entertainer - Arvika” award.

    En bitter mimares försvarstal: (A bitter mime’s defence speech) Not music at all. …