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Dookie - Guitar
Derek Scace - Bass
Greg Willmott - Vocals
Dance Floor Justin - Drums
Often cited as one of the most influential and creative hardcore bands of the last decade. Boston hardcore circa 2001. Popularized a style of hardcore that is sometimes known as "Bust It" or "Lockin' Out," due to similar bands like Justice and Righteous Jams being on Greg's label. Originally signed to Bridge 9 records, they left after the release of Get An Oxygen Tank! in 2003 and signed to Lockin' Out (run by Greg himself.) They released an EP and another full length before disbanding in early 2006. Lyrical topics often included friendship, mistakes, regret, and straight edge. Derek Scace and DFJ have formed new bands, while Greg runs Lockin' Out records.
Demo (Lockin' Out Records 2001)
And You Know This (Lockin' Out Records 2003)
Get An Oxygen Tank (Bridge 9 Records 2003)
Yo! (Lockin' Out Records 2004)
Planet Mental (Lockin' Out Records 2005)
Live On WERS (Bootleg)

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