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  • Años de actividad

    1970 – presente (48 años)

  • Formado en

    Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Alemania

LIMBUS 3 & 4 are an experimental Krautrock group from Heidelberg, Germany. Their 1969 debut "Cosmic Music Experience" featured the musicians Odysseus Artnern, Bernd Henninger and Gerd Kraus on various instruments. The experimentation with an odd array of instruments became the forte of the group, with heavy influences of ethnic world music, primarily African and Indian styles. The music was mostly acoustic and was fully improvised, integrating a fair degree of Viola, Percussive tribal rhythms on exotic instruments that Kraus acquired from friends who travelled to foreign continents. The use of tablas, sitar, bul-bul tarang, and various pipes added to the unusual sound, appealing to the hippie-commune of Heidelberg in the late 60s flower power counterculture era.

The debut was alternatively titled "New Atlantis" in reference to the one of the album tracks, that actually swallowed up an entire side of vinyl, the whole of side two. The album was followed the next year in 1970 by "Mandalas" as a quartet when the second percussionist Matthias Knieper joined. Wind instruments, droning voices and cosmic effects made the whole thing sound like some hallucinatory acid trip, as was intended and the band incorporated the use of piano, bass, cello, viola, violin, flute, recorder, oriental flute, plastic flute, totalophon, valiha faray, tsikadraha, tabras, tambourin, percussion. The band disbanded in 1971, but their music will appeal to Krautrock fans and those with an ear for psychedelic improvised experimental music.

—AtomicCrimsonRush (Scott Tuffnell)—

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