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Is a song written and produced by Lana Del Rey and Blake Stranathan. It was released on Del Rey's second major-label studio album, Ultraviolence. The song is a bonus track only available on the Fnac and Target special edition releases of the album, as well as the Japanese iTunes deluxe version.

The term "flipside" has various meanings, most commonly it's the B-side on a single which a listener would have to "flip" the record over to listen to. In slang usage it can mean "tomorrow". To say "catch someone on the flipside" means to see them later.
A violent relationship is the central theme in "Ultraviolence", among other songs.

The song is one of three written by Del Rey and her guitarist Blake Stranathan for the album, and was presumably recorded and produced in the same session as "Cruel World" and "Pretty When You Cry".

“Flipside” features Del Rey’s vocals over Blake Stranathan’s guitar, and stands out for its simplicity of music and emotion, over all the other songs on her sophomore album Ultraviolence.

In it, Del Rey sings of her lover’s unfaithfulness, sounding resigned to the destruction of their own relationship. She thinks it’s simply a matter of time before he hurts her. She hopes that she’ll “catch him on the flipside” meaning, see him later, and make him fall in love with her just like he caught her before i.e. made her fall for him. The resigned and broken tone she assumes in the song is typical of Ultraviolence, and is a fitting finish to the album.

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