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Killflavour, founded way back in 1995 and arisen from the ashes of different bands (e.g. ABC Diabolo), is an ambitious cosmic "exotic - psychedelic - electro - kraut - post - power - space - rock - soundscape - ambient" project based in Germany.

The main difference to usual band projects is that the music is exclusively improvised and Killflavour work without any compositions. Their "free-live-style" sound is usually performed with narcotic sleeping harmonies on astral chaos carpets within red smoke and conducted by galactical score explorers under the regime of whiskey encephalon slugs.

There were and are no certain ideas or plans for songs or structures, which gives every tune a very unique and not repeatable mystical character. Not to mention the guy who uses his voice as an instrument.

The strangest sonic possibilities try to challenge your ears. Expect the unexpectable. Be aware. Currently they are unsigned "on this space".

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