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Ontario is a song about recovery, acceptance and finding sanctuary on foreign soil, it is a heartfelt portrait of a place where Keaton found much needed solace and calm. Sonically, it is both icy cold and warm and cosy, the electronic snowstorms flurrying around the familiar and nostalgic central toy Casio sample, and the supportive, playful bass groove carrying you through a landscape of snow, suburban houses and long, quiet roads.

Similarly to recent returning track “Career Day”, the video to “Ontario” is made up of footage filmed by Keaton while living there, and depicts the long drives he would take.

Keaton on Ontario: “I have found great solace in the icy winds of Canada. Where, upon opening the door in the morning, the instant freezing of your skin takes any lingering sleeplessness and unreason from you, making you move forward, no matter what else is going on.

“It is an ode to that landscape, and a portrait of a place I find beautiful, albeit strange.”

It is another scintillating returning track by Keaton. A delicately built monolith of a song that builds hypnotically, swoops and then soars.

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