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  • Fecha de lanzamiento

    15 Septiembre 2019

  • Duración

    10 temas

Oileán Fada tries to transmit the amazing landscapes and history from Kaleikia's homeland Sanxenxo and surroundings in every song, merged with their personal experiences: a 6000 years old megalithic graveyard (Chan de Gorita), the ups and downs around the death of a closer friend in a stormy day (Padriñán), the last sunset for a dying old man in a vineyard (Meaño), weird people living on a forgoten place (Vilalonga), a millenial place with amazing sunsets by the sea and fertility rituals (Noalla), cormorants living in a huge rock in the middle of the sea whipped by perfect storms (Colmado), the history of humanity in a single town (Adina), the destruction of the cultural tradition and the effords to preserve it to the next generations (Dorrón), the voice of the deforestated voiceless trees because of political corruption (Nantes) and the incredible up and downs of a small town and its amazing nature being destroyed because of tourism: when the new destroys the old (Bordóns).

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