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  • How KAT-TUN Dominating My Playlist :)

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  • KAT-TUN - CHAIN review

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    KAT-TUN's long awaited 5th album, CHAIN, is mine.
    This album is highly electronic. It really is inevitable these days so I can't be too disappointed. And I think the way KAT-TUN uses it makes it favorable. A lot of it reminds me of being in space (lol I was playing Mass Effect all day earlier so yeah) and they also still incorporate the guitar for which they are known in their ~sound~ so that is good.
    Also, listening to the album in order was revealed the little relationships to intros and outros as well as the mood that was crafted so carefully. KAT-TUN and their writers, producers etc all pay great attention to detail. This is one of the top best qualities of KAT-TUN and why they are my favorites ♥

    It has been so long since I have done a review and I figured, since I have missed my men so much (and still so since they're on tour forever), I owe them a little something.

    So as planned, here are my thoughts on CHAIN, song by song!

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    01. LOCK ON
  • ☂「CHAIN」Review

    2 Mar 2012, 19:47 de SharedUmbrella

    1. LOCK ON
    I’d already listened to this track 800 times prior to my copy of the album even showing up. Oops? I guess it goes without saying that this song is amazing. They all sound their best here but I believe the star is Maru (中丸雄一). Without him I don’t thing it could have been carried off quite as well. Also, it definitely should have been a single. To top it off the PV is the best in a while.

    2. ONE DAY
    Superb opening, T-UN are killing me with how perfect they sound and the chorus is fun, upbeat and has a general good feel to it. The “YOU, YOU, YOU” makes me smile each time I hear it. :3

    3. BIRTH
    Single 1 of 5: I wasn’t too keen on this the first time I heard it. I liked it but I didn’t find it particularly amazing – probably because of the quality of the earliest previews. Even so, I didn’t really start to like it until after a couple episodes of Yokai Ningen Bemu. …