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Colombian-born Gustavo A. Cadavid came went from Filadelfia-Caldas to the city of Armenia with a passion for music in his back pocket. A passion that then allowed him to become not only an audiovisual producer for his indie rap label, M.D.A. Rekords, but a stellar emcee himself with almost two decades of experience to his name as Kabster.

Kabster got his start in the same year Tom Hanks got washed up on an island and the world said their final goodbye to the most famous zip code in the world, 90210. It was the year 2000 and a fresh-faced Kabster was putting the final touches on his first demo, Smackdown. Since then he's released a healthy amount of music, and collaborations that have led him to produce albums for other artists, both local and national, as well as some of the oldest Columbian cats in the hip hop game. Next Kabster will be releasing his first official solo album that features collaborations from artists such as Full Nelson from the Dominican Republic among other special guests, 0% as well as the first physical cyphers album, T.H.C. Vol. 1.: The Hood Cypher.

Far from a mainstream rapper and producer, Kabster likes to relish in the fact that he's done so much on an indie level. Locally he's played all around his city and country over the years and has worked with a number of talented individuals. He's also been interviewed and played on notable stations, and even plans on beating the Guinness World Record for the most songs on a digital album; 111. With big goals on his plate, Kabster works harder than most to achieve all he sets out to do and then some. He built M.D.A. Rekords from the ground up 20 years ago and continues to thrive as one of Columbia's most prolific and versatile artists and producers working today.

The proof is what he does though as a true creator. Kabster notes that his music is "perfect to connect with others." He speaks honestly of some of his releases, "When I wrote 'Una Para la Muerte' from the Happy Halloweed Vol.1 album, I could understand that what made us human beings is the ability to share the same beliefs about life and death. But when I wrote my next album, La Kolmena, I just wanted to everybody know that we're here to stay, and that life is a precious gift that needs to be preserved," he adds, "The rap I do is about craft and identity, not only complexity every time I go to the studio to build new music projects."

With rap ingrained into his DNA at this point, the now 34-year-old rapper, producer, and entrepreneur is setting his sights on continuing to build his name and notoriety in the Colombian community and beyond with his upcoming release, D.G.C vol 2.

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