• Review: Eurovision Final 2010 (Congratulations Germany, congratulations Lena!)

    30 May 2010, 22:51 de michielVmusic

    So, the eurovision song contest 2010 is done, Germany won! Lena Meyer-Landrut took the victory with her song ‘Satellite’. For me that was a surprise, but I think she deserved it. ‘Satellite’ is a catchy song and Lena performed well. In the following journal I will review all the songs in the final and I will tell you guys what my prediction was for each song!

    01. Azerbeidjan: Safura - Drip Drop
    Safura from Azerbeidjan, favourite to win eurovision this year, opened this year’s final. She once again looked stunning in her blue dress and her vocals seemed to be better than in the semi final. Still the performance wasn’t perfect with all the running and stairs etcetera, but she did a good job. The song is great and has a lot of power in the chorus. I knew this would do well, but I also knew it wasn’t going to win.
    My opinion: 8+
    My prediction was: 8th
    Result: 5th

    02. Spain: Daniel Diges - Algo pequeñito
    Now, something never happened before on eurovision, took place on stage with Daniel Diges. …