• Top 25 Questions

    29 Mar 2008, 20:45 de maxtron

    What was the first song you ever heard by 6? M83
    In Church, which I found on Google while browsing random folders full of MP3s using that special Google search.

    What is your favorite album by 2? X-Ray Dog
    Probably Canis Rex II

    What is your favorite lyric that 1 has sung? µ-Ziq
    :P the songs don’t really have lyrics. That’s partly why they’re so good. The Fear repeated over and over is the only one I can think of.

    How many times have you seen 11 live? Massive Attack
    Zero times

    What is your favorite song by 7? William Fitzsimmons
    My Life Changed

    What is a good memory you have involving 20? The Postal Service
    I don’t have a 20 – I have two equal 19’s. But I guess it would be The Postal Service. I don’t really listen to them any more, but i use to on the way to uni some times, on the bus and train. Oh to be young again... and also a robot.

    Is there a song by 3 that makes you sad? Skinnious Chinnious
    Don’t Hang Up :(

  • Some free artists found on Last.fm

    20 Ago 2007, 14:09 de mistermatcheu

    In no particular order:

    The B-Side Project:
    00s - alternative - alternative pop - alternative rock - indie pop - indie rock - lo-fi - rock

    David Elsener:
    bands that i am in the band or i am the band - fully streamable - albums - indie - indie rock - k1mo likes - lesser known yet streamable artists - noise - post-rock

    Zsammy formely This Room:
    alternative - alternative rock - high - indie - indie pop indie rock - rock

    Maurizio B:
    apskaft - italian - italian streamable -

    Choir And Marching Band:
    00s - canadian - folktronica - future - male vocalist - oh canada - rock - songwriter

    The Oslo Deadtrash Project:
    belgium - carte postale records - electro - indietronic - indietronica - lesser known yet streamable - love - tripostal

    8-bit - belgian - carte postale records - chipmusic - chiptune - electronic - idm - swedish

    joseph scott:
    creative commons - folk - idiosyncratic - rapture - rhythm - song - steve reich - the microphones
  • Generous lovely talents!

    11 Feb 2007, 11:38 de Dufsa

    Hello again!

    The last days I've discovered too nice singer-songwriters who offer several free downloads here at Last.fm.

    My very favorite of the two being The Comb-overs, that is a one-man-band in it's original sense. Pete Davis plays all instruments himself, and that's not a few... After the sad passing of Elliott Smith, this is our new king of melancholy, in my opinion. A must-hear for everybody who enjoys finely tuned and well-written songs!

    The other one is Josh Gray who has the same original and experimental song-writing skill as The Comb-overs. Yet it is very simple and acoutic-guitar-based music. Lovely. This is the kind of music I like the most.

    Unfortunately the downloads of Josh Gray don't work for me... When I click the "Free"-button, I get to a sort o "error" page. Help me, somebody!!!

  • Oh no, not another one...

    7 Nov 2006, 20:54 de too_for_1

    Metal Pretense

    yeah, I got bored again, this time with...questionable...results. Nowhere near as good as Valiant Guitars, but w/e.

    you can listen to it on my Soundclick at http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=4638832&q=hi

    -Josh Gray
  • musical tidbit - Valiant Guitars

    1 Nov 2006, 22:18 de too_for_1

    Valiant Guitars

    I had this riff recorded a few days ago, and I just wanted to go back and flesh it out a bit more. So yesterday I sat down with my electric and recorded a track. Then I recorded another track. Then I recorded another track. Each one gets introduced after one go-through of the riff, in the same kind of style at Delayed (minus the delay, obviously).

    I think it sounds a bit like Ratatat, which means I think I finally figured out their sound. yay!

    It's not on Last.fm yet, but should be soon. I put it on Soundclick and have been spreading it ever since.

    -Josh Gray
  • latest song - For What's Right

    31 Oct 2006, 21:24 de too_for_1

    So, I think I'll start posting journals about the songs I write.

    For What's Right

    I don't exactly have a place for this one yet. It's political, but not exactly anti-war. I'd prefer to look at it as pro-peace. And I'd prefer if people didn't connect it to the war my country is currently involved in, it has less to do with it than you might want to think.

    Anyways, it took me an hour to figure out the solo, and even now I'm not satisfied with it. But I do think I got the sound of it right. Reminds me a bit of the solo guitar in Get Back (yay Beatles!). I honestly don't like the bridges, but hey, I had to finish it.

    Now I need to write some more. It doesn't fit in a love album like J'aime...

    -Josh Gray
  • New Connections...

    12 Jul 2006, 16:57 de irchs

    Quoth globex:
    The 7th Guest

    Straight and to the point I guess :P

    Quoth felixdroid:
    Hello all, love this site and the community. Please could people check out my stuff? Love feedback!

    Background: Felixdroid is interested in moments! Small things that happen sometimes on their own, sometimes alongside other moments........making more powerful, interesting statements as they grow. He enjoys the stranger sonic possibilities, tries to challenge our ears, but still with one of them rooted in the history of everything that has gone on before. Odd Dots and Squiggles


    Quoth too_for_1:
    Hey, just found this group whilst wandering the site, and thought it was a great idea. Promoting lesser-known artists is a positive thing to do (good for the karma, or something like that).

    Anyway, it took me a while to get my page all set up, and here it is: Josh Gray.

    I just put out a new EP as well, "J'aime", which can be found here: J'aime