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Track List :

01. Little Red Corvette
02. Missing You
03. Gravity
04. Stop This Train
05. ’I Am Nervous But Actually That is A Beautiful Thing’
06. Belief
07. ’Happy Holidays’
08. Hummingbird
09. ’Fine Line Between Clever and Stupid’
10. ’Even I Am A Fan Of My Earlier Work’
11. Comfortable
12. Free Fallin’
13. ’Even My Hand is Shaking’
14. Vultures (Heard It Through The Grapevine)
15. ’5 Grammy Nominations’
16. ’I Have Had A Lot Of Sex To Your Music’
17. Your Body Is A Wonderland
18. Neon
19. ’Waking Up In The Morning With A Fresh Blackberry Check’
20. ’The World Around The Song Changed’
21. Waiting on the World to Change
22. ’I Am Gonna Add Some More Songs’
23. ’When I Am Walking To A Car…’
24. Wheel
25. Sucker
26. Not Myself
27. Victoria (Karma Police)
28. My Stupid Mouth
29. Why Georgia Intro
30. ’Humbled On The Bullet Train…Thank You’
30. Why Georgia
31. St. Patrick’s Day
32. Crossroads
33. Who Did You Think I Was
35. Clarity (Lost)

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