• [48] Jerry Lee Lewis – Live at the Star Club, Hamburg (1965)

    7 Oct 2008, 21:30 de Llorenza

    Jerry Lee LewisLive at the Star Club, Hamburg

    Yikes! Jerry Lee Lewis married a 13 year old girl! But hey, he was only 23 years old... Maybe I should be looking for 15 year old boys... woohoo.

    However, this album proves that music and private life of an musician have to be separated. This is a brilliant live performance. Jerry Lee Lewis plays the piano like a maniac: his band can't even catch up in the first songs. And he keeps up the piano slamming / wild singing during the whole gig! He must have been on drugs... Or maybe that's the effect of a 13 year old woman, haha.

    So, yes, Jerry Lee Lewis is great. He's just a bit too great for me. A little bit too rock 'n' roll. I can't really tell why, but listening to this album made me really want to listen to some calmer music. Maybe it is because a lot of rock 'n' roll albums have passed the revue already, but I've had it a little bit. (It doesn't help that all rock 'n' roll artists seem to want to sing the same songs)

  • Lost Treasures of the Internet

    2 Abr 2008, 8:28 de rockrobster23

    Lately I've been digging into an ever-expanding pile of mp3 blogs, and discovering what a tremendous resource they are for introducing listeners (that is, me) to new music. The RIAA be damned, it's an idea that helps artists build an audience and make money.

    Just in the past few months, I've been moved to purchase full albums by CocoRosie, Calexico, The Glands, and Dead Meadow (not to mention Jim White's entire catalog) because I downloaded a free track that sparked my interest. That means I'm a model consumer. Gold stars for me, hugs and money to the artists and record companies. Any resemblance to drug distribution strategies must be entirely coincidental; let's just call it the I'm Waiting for the Man business plan.

    Besides pushing product that can actually be purchased, mp3 blogs also perform the invaluable service of making out-of-print or otherwise inaccessible recordings available. If you love music (and of course you do), then you know the joy of finding something rare and…