• Betchya Got A Cure

    13 Jun 2011, 13:21 de fm014

    Good afternoon,

    finally a holiday that I can use for this
    Last week in covers:
    > Bruce Springsteen : I revisited his latest album with a collection of cover songs and b-sides. But tbh I like his newer songs better somehow.
    > Andrea Corr : There’s a new album by this lovely singer, which features a selection of cover versions. A few tracks are really nice, so I kept them on heavy rotation for a while.


    Most played artists:
    > Tom Sinclair : I recently saw a live session video by this young artist and it’s amazing. Meanwhile we continue to enjoy his tunes at the office. ^^
    > Simon Curtis : I was happy to learn that he has released a new album. The first spins were not as catchy as I expected, but I’m eager to give it another try.
    > Stanfour : I’m now following them on Facebook. Hopefully there’ll be news about working on new songs and stuff like that. ^^