• Jack White - Great High Mountain

    7 Jun 2006, 14:20 de lone_hunter

    Because this day is extremly poor on emotions and happenings, i'll write about one great song, which could be for sure inserted in my all-time-favourite list. It is a track by Jack White called Great High Mountain. It's a very beautiful, methaphorical song about the Way, that we pass in life, about a hard struggle to reah your dream, to find meaning in life. The methaphor of the mountain with a fountain on top of it seems gorgeous to me. Here are the lyrics:

    Great High Mountain

    Once I stood at the foot of a great high mountain
    That I wanted so much to climb
    And on top of this mountain was a beautiful fountain
    That flows with the water of life

    I fell down on my knees at the foot of this mountain
    I cried, "O Lord what must I do?
    I want to climb this mountain, I want to drink from this fountain
    That flows so clear in my view"

    Then I heard a sweet voice from the top of this mountain
    Saying, "Child put your hand in mine"
    I started climbing slowly, "Watch your steps at the edges