• My favourite places to buy those hard-to-find electronic releases

    8 May 2008, 10:34 de panoramica

    Just when my credit card thought it was safe.. ;-)

    I've just been dissecting another classic Timewriter mix, trying to buy copies of the all the best tunes.

    Thankfully there are several places to get the tracklistings without too much bother, but sometimes actually locating copies of the tracks themselves can become a bit of a mission. Honestly, JFC should just set up his own shop, so he can at least take a cut out of the sales of all the 12"s that he's immortalised in his DJ sets..

    Anyway.. I thought I'd post my top places to find and buy those hard-to-find electronic tunes. I'll update this post when (if) I find my blog notes from last time I did this (I know they're here somewhere...)

    Sites Selling MP3s:

    7digital.comFor: Great selction, especially where 90s club hits are concerned ;-)

    14tracks.comFor: Marketing ploy for, but contains some really good selections. …
  • Tech-house - alive and well in 2007

    8 Dic 2007, 22:50 de panoramica

    Thanks to a link given to me by a fellow LastFMer, tech-house and I have rekindled our long lost friendship.

    I've always loved and , but I'd become resigned to the fact that all the music I liked was made around 1995 - and, like it or not, 'they' just didn't make (or play) the kind of music that I liked anymore - it was all this high energy electro noise now - designed for today's kids, just as rave and jungle were designed for my generation of kids.

    And listening to old music can be a bit depressing, because, well, it can make the listener feel old too. Especially if they are the kind of listener who has been going through twice-yearly mid-life crises since they hit 30..

    Anyway back to the rekindled friendhip. It all started with a random hello from Germany via Scraty, who sent me off to a website to download a recent club mix by the ever-brilliant JFC (aka The Timewriter).

    Suffice to say that the mix was superb…